Mountain Lion Sighting in Old Canyon

The story is my dog was barking like crazy, so I checked my camera and only saw a raccoon, around 9:30 pm. First thing in the morning I checked my camera to see if there was any more raccoon activity, and saw that big boy! I sent the video over to Ranger Kate [Kuykendahl], who said with my address and the exact time, she could pinpoint which mountain lion it was. Kate sent the video to the biologist, who said it was P12. I live on Old Topanga, and there have been several sightings lately, so I asked her if she thought all the sightings were P12. She said no, there are 3 mountain lions in the area, P12, P61, and an uncollared one, which was seen in the state park. She also said that with so many people having quality home surveillance cameras, it is leading people to think there are more mountain lions in the area, but that isn’t the case, they have always been there; we just have more opportunity to see them. Someone from CBS News saw the video, that I had posted on Nextdoor and Facebook. CBS broadcast it on KCAL, and FOX11 saw it there, called me, and asked if they could play it as well.
—Karen Dannenbaum

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