Podcast – The Chat with Claire Fordham

The Messenger is happy to sponsor and bring to you podcasts from Claire Fordham’s The Chat with Claire Fordham. Fordham has written feature articles on the personalities she also interviews for her podcasts and we will feature those she has written for the Messenger. You can find all of her podcasts at ClaireFordham.com.

First up is her audio interview with Coco Blignaut, Topanga’s only self-proclaimed “Witch”. You can read Fordham’s article about Blignaut in Issue 18, September 22, 2017. You can find it on our E-issues page.

Coco Blignaut as the Junk Food Witch!

Episode Two – Death Midwife Olivia Bareham
Olivia Bareham, Sacred Crossings

Episode Three – Fashion Designer Kym Gold
Kym Gold

Episode Four – Exonerated Man Bruce Lisker – Part 1

Episode Five – Exonerated Man Bruce Lisker – Part 2

Episode Six- Creative Visionary Kathy Eldon
Kathy Eldon

Episode Seven – Musical Warrior Tony Selvage
Tony Selvage

Episode Eight – Actress Denise Welch and Artist Lincoln Townley

Episode Nine – Plastic Surgeon Dr. David Alessi

Episode 10 – Shaman Mandy King

Shaman Mandy King

Episode 11: Actor and Activist A. Martinez