Save Our Farmers Market

Our sweet boutique Topanga Farmer’s Market is suffering. The community turnout has
dropped significantly with a 30-40 percent decrease in sales in the last year. Naturally, vendors are bailing. If we do not support the market, it will disappear from our town.
This is our Friday morning/early afternoon affair at the Community House that offers live
music, community schmoozing, neighborhood children playing together and participating in mini art activities, high-quality food and goods for sale, and another chance to mingle with our neighbors.

Additional benefits of having a local farmers’ market are many.
The fruits and vegetables are as fresh as if you picked them from your garden that
morning and cooked dinner with them that evening, because they were likely picked that
morning. The taste of a fresh peach is so extraordinary as to catch one’s breath sometimes, and the most nutrition is offered from a freshly picked veggie at the peak of ripeness.

We get to stroll out in the fresh, crisp morning air of Topanga and peruse the colorful,
fragrant food and flowers in our midst. The market allows us to slow down and really experience the abundance all around us. That sounds nice, right?

Small farms that do not rely on industrial farming grow the produce and flowers.
Everything is local. There are no cross-country, gas-guzzling trips involved in getting
your food to you, a plus for the environment, one of the reasons we live up here.

Make a purchase and enter to win a $100 raffle every week.

Last but certainly not least, shopping at our local farmers’ market enhances our strong
sense of community and friendship.
What could be better than that? It’s perfection.

-Beth Goode

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