Timothea Stewart’s “Portals & Mortals”

“Portals & Mortals,” curated by Molly Barnes, is an exhibition of drawings and new paintings by Timothea Stewart, who has lived in Topanga since 1998.

Stewart’s recent paintings are about vital energy, frequencies, and vibration expressed in color, rhythm, and spirited form. Many people have experienced these paintings as portals that transport the viewer into another time and place. In her show, Stewart juxtaposes the paintings of portals to drawings of mortals, who are whimsical beings drawn at an earlier period of Stewart’s life spent in Spain.

Stewart, an L.A. native, had disappeared from the art world many years ago. Returning to painting six years ago was a surprise to her. “I thought that chapter was over and here it was back again but without the angst and perfectionist demands.”

She earned a Fine Arts degree from Stanford, painted in Paris for seven years, and opened an art gallery in L.A. in the mid-‘70s. Then her life took an unexpected turn that led her full speed into an inner and outer spiritual journey that took her around the world, travelling with the spiritual teacher, John Roger.

The play of light, color and movement in the columns, spirals and other forms of light in her paintings energizes and has a healing quality

“While I thought I had put my art practice behind me, I now understand that my forty years of journeying were years of impressions that would eventually be transformed into creative expression in my painting,” Stewart says. “The Mortals are from my time living in Spain and reflect human emotions and relationships. The more recent Portals are reflective of my inner journey. This exhibition is, for me, a celebration.” 

“Timothea Stewart’s paintings exude light-filled energy that touches many dimensions in us. She is a remarkable talent,” Arianna Huffington, co-founder, The Huffington Post, and founder of Thrive Global.  

“Portals & Mortals” runs through March 28, at the Fine Arts Gallery at West Los Angeles College, located at 9000 Overland Avenue – Culver City, CA 90230. Hours are  Monday -Thursday, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. For more information:  timotheastewartart.com; timotheastewartstudio@gmail.com


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