5G-Free California Recruits and Trains Activists

(L-R) Andrea Sea and Armaita May, and Julie Levine, demonstrate their 5G-Free arguments
through roleplaying at the January 9 5G-Free California meeting. Photo by Annemarie Donkin

During the General Action Meeting on January 9, the leaders of 5G Free California coached attendees through role-play scenarios where they learned to speak their convictions against proposed 5G technology.

The 5G commercials are now nearly constant. TV ads show smiling people playing brand new games on the latest devices with cheerful celebrity voiceovers telling us that the newest 5G technology will improve every aspect of our lives—from medical devices and mobile phones to the speed of the Internet.

AT&T, Spectrum, T-Mobile, and Verizon are leading the charge by declaring that 5G is the greatest communication capability that will improve and change our lives forever. Yet for some people, especially for those who are electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) sensitive, this is nothing short of a nightmare scenario as they experience headaches, dizziness, and nausea in the presence of Wi-Fi technology.

EMF-sensitive people and others are also concerned that the proliferation of 5G towers every 500 feet throughout communities could put our population at risk with the threat of constant exposure to radiation. Therefore, 5G-Free California was created in 2019 to oppose the newest technology and has since joined with communities throughout the state, nation, and internationally to fight the rollout of 5G.

“This is an $11 trillion-a-year industry [profiting from] the sale of our data,” said Julie Levine, one of the founders of 5G-Free California. “A lot of people are invested in this.”

When contacted for comment, AT&T referred this reporter to CTIA (www.ctia.org), a company that  issues press releases on all aspects of the new technology.



During the recent 5G-Free California General Meeting held on January 9 at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, about 52 people braved the cold and dark to learn how to become activists and effectively speak out against the proliferation of the newest technology.

According to Levine, participants used scripts, talking points, and role playing to practice, in a safe environment, to learn to speak to a person who is pro-5G and doesn’t see any problems with its rollout. (See Side Bar for 5G Pros and Cons).

Levine said that over the past year, the meeting attendees have become tired of just listening to speakers and felt the need to participate at a more active level and speak to those who just want faster download speeds.

“We are empowering the people to speak about 5G,” Levine said. “There was a 19-year study by the National Toxicology Program, which is part of the National Institute of Health, that showed evidence of seven types of cancers, just one of, literally, 10,000 peer-reviewed and valid studies that show harm. We really should require the World Health Organization to show harm [but they are] under the influence of the industry.” (www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal). 

5G-Free California reports that 5G is 200 times more radiating than 4G and includes small cell towers every 500 feet, as many as 45,000 satellites blanketing the planet in radiation and is a final piece in the Internet of Things (IOT). According to the group, this FCC 5G Small Cell Order has begun in California and the rest of the United States.



“A 5G cell tower is very likely to cause major harm to our environment, animals, children and ourselves,” said Levine during an interview in July. “Like gas leaks, its invisible electro-current (electromagnetic frequencies) is very real and can contaminate our bodies and habitat and completely destroy our natural algorithms. When they first installed smart meters they made them mandatory in Topanga, but because our community took a stand and demanded to have the right to opt out, Topanga is no longer required to use smart meters and we have the opt-out option available to us. Let’s keep that 5G out of our canyons and let our beautiful environment thrive! Please take a stand, make the call and fight for our serene and safe lives here—we can make a difference together.”



According to an article in the Los Angeles Times from October 2018, “Small cell 5G technology relies on higher-frequency radio waves than current wireless services to deliver faster speeds— but at shorter ranges. Those higher-frequency signals, which measure in millimeters, can be obstructed by objects of a similar size, such as leaves and raindrops.”

The article goes on to say that, “Lampposts around downtown Los Angeles are being wired with fiber optic cable and shoebox-sized gadgets to beam the fifth and fastest generation of cellular data, known as 5G, into homes and mobile devices.”

The Times continued, saying, “This high-tech infrastructure build-out is the result of a deal between the city and Verizon—Los Angeles gave the wireless carrier a break on the fees for taking up space on streetlights in exchange for a package of amenities and services.”


The 5G-Free California group urges all concerned to attend their next meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. at the Inn of the Seventh Ray, where refreshments will be served.

The speaker for Feb 6 is Camilla Rees, MBA, award-winning health/environmental activist about EMF issues, and Senior Policy Advisor, National Institute for Science, Law & Public Policy.

5G-Free California says they need people to set up and attend legislative meetings and help circulate information on e-mail and social media, help with finding lawyers and funding for lawyers, as well as handouts, guerrilla art, continued outreach to celebrities, media, schools, parents, realtors, medical professionals, and the public.  

In addition to Topanga, the 5G-Free California includes Malibu, Santa Monica, the San Fernando Valley, and Los Angeles and are working in coalition with the following groups: Stop 5G Thousand Oaks, Stop 5G Simi Valley, Stop 5G Chatsworth, Stop 5G Santa Barbara, Stop 5G Ojai, Stop 5G Westlake, Stop 5G Camarillo, Stop 5G Ventura, Stop 5G Boyle Heights, Stop 5G Moorpark, and Stop 5G Venice.

5G-Free California is also part of the national network, “5G Crisis,” and is working internationally with “WorldShift Stop 5G.”



  •         Websites for Information on Health Impacts/Proof of Harm: 5gappeal.eu;  

 5gappeal.eu/scientists-and-doctors-warn-of-potential-serious-health-effects-of-5g/ (direct link to reading it); or 5gcrisis.com/.

  •         Website to upload GPS coordinates of cell towers or any EMF source seen in your neighborhood/town: (https://emfwatch.org/measurements-guide/).
  •         VIDEO: Short ‘sexy’ video from 5G Crisis on why 5G is a concern (under two minutes):  

https://youtu.be/J2MzifPRmdw; or https://youtu.be/u8QdYKGrO.




Annemarie Donkin

Annemarie Donkin is a journalist who wrote for The Signal in Valencia, CA and was the Managing Editor for the Topanga Messenger from 2013 to 2016. She is thrilled to write for the Messenger Mountain News to continue the tradition of excellent community newspapers. When she’s not writing, she loves to travel throughout California, read, watch movies and keep bees.

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