Poetry Two


An unexpected storm has come

where many feel fear…undone

yet even in the hardest times

the heart of love…still it chimes


A shadow cast upon the face of dawn

while lilting through the dark devotion’s song

reason stunned into amnesia’s lair

as the scent of stillness fills the air


Questions hovering fall fast away

like petals from the flower in decay

patience speaks in muted tones of heart

the whole it trembles in what’s torn apart


Where tears and joy they mingle breath to breath

storms they surge and then all that is left

are moments tender-woven in between

what looks to be and what remains unseen

—Diane Miller 


Burnt Canyon

Where the fire slew

every living thing

and only rock

and ash



the winter rains

have run


the forest

has begun

—Mark Hein


Garden Music (haiku)

Cricket boldly perched

         in the storm drain sings, filling

our whole neighborhood

—Mark Hein


Isolation Day 

Sitting in this sunset

without spouse or child


loneliness brushes my chest

like the breeze sliding

across my bare arms


explores my heart

like the beetle crawling

the back of my hand

—Mark Hein, March 18, 2020



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