The Nature of Wildworks

The Nature of Wildworks is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), founded by Mollie Hogan in 1995. Her vision was to provide interactive wildlife educational programs to enhance the public’s understanding of nature and the environment while ensuring lifetime quality care for non-releasable wild animals. The Nature of Wildworks is a celebration of all the remarkable diverse creatures with whom we are privileged to share this life on earth. Its wildlife care center houses such diverse species as mountain lions, bobcats, gray fox, barn owl, and many other birds and mammals, most of which are native to California. Its wildlife educational programs and publications teach people to coexist safely and humanely with wildlife.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Help provide life-long quality care for non-releasable
wild animals, with plenty of love and attention. Learn various enrichment techniques to keep the animals stimulated and entertained. The Nature of Wildworks strives to build public respect and concern for native wildlife and the California environment through student programs that meet California schools’ curriculum mandates.

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