Acting Techniques for Everyday Life

Jane Marla Robbins

Jane Marla Robbins will present a workshop based on her book, “Acting Techniques for Everyday Life,” on April 2, from 2-6 p.m. in Topanga. Reservations required.

This workshop uses acting techniques to address the miracle of transforming feelings of anxiety and insecurity into feelings of self-confidence and joy in all areas of one’s life. Workshops include the study, exploration and discussion of techniques, such as The Actor’s Physical Preparation; Vocal Preparation; Emotional Preparation; Mental Preparation; Spiritual Preparation; Relaxation; Sense Memory; Personalization; Substitution; Playing a Character; Animal Exercises; Overcoming Self-Consciousness; and the Psycho-Physical Action.

Students learn how to replace old fears and paranoid projections with self-manufactured pleasures and positive projections. Many “real life” situations, ordinarily fraught with worry, can be transformed using the Actor’s Imagination. Students learn to experience the power and pleasure of being able to create a profound sense of wellbeing and self-confidence at will. No acting experience necessary.


Jane Marla Robbins, performance coach, author of the best-selling Acting Techniques for Everyday Life, was commissioned by the Kennedy Center to write and perform the one-woman play “Reminiscences of Mozart by His Sister.” She has taught at this university, and at universities and corporations all over the country for many years.


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