Caltrans Update on Slope Mitigation and TCB Paving

Caltrans Sr. Engineer Michael Dipsia gave an update on the slope mitigation project in the S-Curves and a paving project that began in June.

“We are in the process of finishing up location 4 (Post Mile 3.0), the area where rocks came down this past winter,” he wrote in an email to the Messenger Mountain News on June 17.

“Within two weeks, the contractor will begin rock scaling the remaining four areas (locations 1, 2, 3, and 5) as detailed in the geologist’s recommendations.” 

A report will then be prepared by the geologist to document what else will be needed once rock scaling is completed and Caltrans will conform to those recommendations.


Highway 27 Paving Project Scheduled Through October

Caltrans has announced that it will be paving Topanga Canyon Boulevard beginning in early July through October 31. They will install the construction signs the week of June 24, which should not affect traffic. 

The contractor, Pavement Coatings Co., under Bryan Boudreaux, general superintendent, says they will use a rubberized asphalt which deadens the sound. While the initial date of completion was December 23, the contractor anticipates completion of the contract by mid-October. The schedule is as follows:


  • Installation of construction area signs, June 24-July 5
  • AC dig-outs, July 8-July 24
  • Shoulder backing, July 22-August 2
  • Crack sealing and striping removal, August 5- August 23
  • Slurry seal, August 27-September 14
  • Electrical loops, September 19-20
  • Permanent striping, September 23- October 4
  • Remove construction area signs, October 7-October 11

This is a tentative schedule and the Contractor’s work could change due to any unforeseen circumstances or project delays.

For more information, questions, or concerns, contact Eric Menjivar at (213) 897-3630.

Or, contractor Bryan Boudreaux, General Superintendent, Pavement Coatings Co.; Mobile: (714) 713-7981; Phone: (714) 826-3011; Fax: (714) 826-3129;


Flavia Potenza

Flavia Potenza is executive editor of the Messenger Mountain News. She is also a founding member of the 40-year old Topanga Messenger that closed its doors in 2016. She can be reached at

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