Close Encounters with Urban Wildlife

Author, poet, and naturalist Charles Hood speaks about urban wildlife. Photo courtesy Pacific Palisades Historical Society

The Pacific Palisades Historical Society will hold its installation luncheon on June 20 featuring naturalist, poet, and award-winning author, Charles Hood, speaking about “Urban Nature Today: Are the backyards of Los Angeles really the new Serengeti?” Hood is one of the authors of Wild LA, a new book about urban nature published by the Natural History Museum. 

Hood looks into the amazing diversity of life in and around greater Los Angeles, including some surprising glimpses into the secret life of Pacific Palisades’ “back country.” From non-native geckos to P-22, the Griffith Park mountain lion, the L.A. basin is a wonderland of surprise, juxtaposition, loss, hope, and renewal.

This is an opportunity to share your own encounters with backyard wildlife and learn to appreciate the city with brand-new nature eyes.

Luncheon is $25 per person. Due to limited seating, checks must be mailed and received by June 14. (Until the new website is up and running, reservations are by mail only.) Please include the number of guests, their names, and your e-mail address.

RSVP by sending your check to: Pacific Palisades Historical Society, P. O. Box 1299, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Thursday, June 20, 12:30 p.m. (Doors open at noon), Aldersgate Retreat Center, 925 Haverford Avenue, Pacific Palisades.n


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