EverWild engages and mentors families to develop a meaningful attachment to the Earth through ecological literacy. We believe that individuals who have a basic understanding of Earth’s living systems and a deep relationship to their environment become strong advocates in protecting itThe most fundamental level of building this interconnected relationship is through consistent exploration, enjoyment, and mentorship. EverWild offers year-round mentorship through our Nature Immersion Programming to youth ages 4.5-11 located in Topanga State Park and nearby beaches.
Volunteer Opportunities are available for individuals who have a history of working with youth ages 4.5-11 for up to 2.5 hours/day. We are seeking individuals who are interested in sharing a specific skill, nature passion, outdoor project, or who have experience with storytelling. Please contact Amanda to discover more about these opportunities amanda@everwildla.com or visit our website for more information www.EverWildLA.com.
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