Farewell to Rocco’s

Photo by Randall Apollo

Tuesday, September 10 was the final pizza spin as Lupe, Rosa and La Familia wrapped it up after many years. They successfully carried on the traditions set by the Rocco family in the ‘80s and where they worked for many years before becoming the owners.

My late, dear friend, Spira, and I often went there. So last night I wore a vial of her ashes around my neck and ordered a big side of garlic in her honor.

I met up with one of my best friends, Tony Allen, who to my surprise treated me to my final Rocco’s night. Thanks T! Our friends, Francis and Lauren, joined us at the end. The family gave off no sense of sadness as we closed the place. Instead there was an awareness of moving on to a new adventure. No regrets.

I told them I was proud of them and although sad to see it all end, I am very happy that Lupe and Rosa are going to enjoy a well deserved retirement. In addition, I passed on my thoughts that when a business changes hands, that new owner can wipe it clean and start over with their own idea, run it into the ground, or seamlessly succeed by keeping the same vibe and menu as well to continue to embrace the welcoming friendly and family feel it always had. They did just the latter and more.

Soon they will vacation in El Salvador to visit family members they have not seen in a long time. Nora, Kevin, Abel and Jesus will go into other endeavors and no doubt will succeed.

As for Lupe and Rosa, I wish them all the best and hope for the happiest retirement they could ever imagine.

Big thanks to the whole family and to the Roccos who started the whole thing.

Randall Apollo


Lupe and Rosa. Photo by Randall Apollo


  1. Thanks for this nice piece. What a loss for the neighborhood. There is practically no place to take kids out to dinner in Topanga. Do you know what, if anything, is moving in? Thanks,

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