Forgiving: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Participate in A Day of Deep Healing in Topanga with a rare opportunity to immerse yourself in a day dedicated to your health and well-being.

Join seasoned facilitators Kamakshi Hart & Niki Schmid on Saturday, March 14, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. foe a fresh look at what forgiveness can offer us in our search for inner peace, relief from longstanding issues, and lasting, positive change.

Expand your knowledge of this healing art and learn tools that release resentment, pain, and shame. Gain a new perspective on your life, past and present, through guided experiences, meaningful rituals held in mother nature, and the uplifting power of a like-hearted, intentional collective.

For information and to register: contact Kamakshi,

Location will be given with registration. Cost: $135 per person; $200 for two people.


Kamakshi Hart, M.A., is a master guide, coach, and facilitator with 25 years of experience. Her life’s work is to help others heal and transform in order to gain clarity about their lives and soul’s purpose. She holds a master’s degree in spiritual psychology from the University of Santa Monica (USM), a program that has pioneered the integration of practical psychological techniques with powerful spiritual tools. Kamakshi’s life and work demonstrate how we can heal from our core wounds and limiting patterns and birth a new vision of ourselves through learning life-changing skills such as Compassionate Self-Forgiveness, a profound healing process unique to the USM program.

Niki Schmid is the SoCal regional community leader, presenter, and producer for the Human Awareness Institute (HAI), an organization that since 1968, holds facilitated self-awareness workshops with the intention to heal shame and other destructive social paradigms. She is also a certified Forgiveness Coach, trained by Eileen Barker of the Forgiveness Training Institute in Marin County. With these powerful tools, Niki helps people find peace and freedom within themselves. She brings her passion of sharing innovative communication skills with her commitment to authenticity and vulnerability and sees these qualities as our human super-powers that strengthen when we come together.


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