Four Artists Share Landscapes of the Mind

Clouds in a Void. Courtesy of Delbar Azari

Please note: The Landscapes of the Mind exhibition will be opening in September, while the Yellow Primarily show continues at the Gallery but by appointment only.  

Topanga Canyon Gallery showcases four artists who work in radically different mediums for a new show titled Landscapes of the Mind. 

“These dreamscapes are the subjective response of four artists’ internal choreography,” a press release for the show states. “[It took] my whole life to get to that point,” says Robin Tripaldi, a full time artist who works in the ancient medium of encaustic (wax), when she is asked, “How long does it take you to paint that painting?”

 This is the question that all of the artists contemplate how to answer. “Will we be judged by the time, will it speak of the effort, does it touch on our natural born talent, on years of study and practice?” she responds.

Moises Mendoza, the most graphically inspired artist out of the four, often works a tiny color sketch using nature as his main inspiration. He tries to push the forms he finds there by cutting them up and remixing them. For him, dreamscapes are sometimes undefined shapes. 

Delbar Azari is originally from Iran and has a background in engineering. She uses fluid acrylics and epoxy resin and dreamy colors in her recent work. She exhibits maximum freedom and minimum control and yet achieves harmony and a composition that defies happenstance.  

British artist Caroline PM Jones is the only sculptor in the spotlight show.

“These large scale monolithic ceramic forms are based on my dreams. I’m a prodigious dreamer, and somewhere in those subconscious moments visions appear of landscapes or archetypal structures,” she says. “Using those journeys of the mind and the precepts of the Chinese Scholar stones and Japanese Suiseki I have combined my skill as a sculptor and a monument maker.”

Tripaldi describes the process of creating art as simultaneously elevating and therapeutic. “I listen to Rock and Roll, let go of a preconceived form, and allow the instinctual and primal nature to take over,” she says.  

The Landscapes of the Mind exhibition is on display in the Topanga Canyon Gallery from March 26 – April 19. An opening reception for the artists is planned for  March 28. The show is sponsored by the Wright Way Team at Compass, “bringing art into the homes and lives of the Topanga Canyon, Malibu and Calabasas.” 


The Topanga Canyon Gallery is located at 120 N Topanga Canyon Blvd Suite 109. Pine Tree Circle, Topanga. @topangacanyongallery


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