Four Curtain Calls for Aubree Oliverson

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In the much-anticipated performance of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto by virtuoso violinist Aubree Oliverson and the Topanga Symphony, the standing-room-only audience at the Community House could not contain their appreciation when they broke from traditional protocol to applaud during and between movements of her dramatic interpretation. 

From the moment she first placed her bow on the strings, Oliverson captivated the audience with her own brand of magnetic charm and talent. With skillful and graceful precision, the complex musicianship emerged flawlessly and with ease. 

It was most enjoyable to see how she was able to command and express the range of emotions within the complicated work. It was palpable to see the young artist’s ability to evoke heartfelt joy and pleasure from the music to the audience, the conductor, and the orchestra musicians. 

Music Director, Jerome Kessler commented that the performance was “…one of the most rewarding experiences in my conducting career.” 

Oliverson has emerged as a profound voice for the advocacy of classical music around the world. From her first performance in Utah at age eleven, to the world class musician she has become, she has demonstrated, through her charisma and talent, that her life’s path is to never let classical music, the inspired expression of hope and passion, to be extinguished. 

Her maturity transcends her youth. Her vibrant demeanor and beauty are remarkable. It is her ability, however, to play the violin with masterful intensity and delicacy that surpasses all descriptive superlatives.

The Topanga Symphony audience and orchestra will always remember her emotionally sensitive and expressive presentation with admiration and awe that was evidenced by four curtain calls and a standing ovation.

The next concert is scheduled for March 8, at 3 p.m.



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  1. A truly unforgettable evening! Thanks for bringing Aubree in, and thanks to all the talented Topanga symphony members for their dedication to excellence!

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