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How do you bring together fashion and an important health concern—electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions, associated with electrical power in the home, and radio frequency (RF) radiation, associated with everything wireless—and weave them into a philanthropic not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization?

When EMF consultant and electrical contractor William Holland, who prefers to be called William, was simply an electrician, he was introduced to baubiology, a field of building science that analyzes indoor living environments for a variety of irritants—in his case, electrical and digital—that impact the health of people who work or live there. He had seen many houses that were properly built, but never thought beyond the fact that everything was up to code.

Baubiology was an epiphany that propelled him to take the first of several courses and from there, he hit the ground running.

I have forever wanted to help people with their health, comfort and happiness, but could never find the right paradigm,” he said. “Now, I can address health issues, as well as electrical challenges. What you see in my eyes is what you will get from me.”

As an EMF consultant, he uses baubiology to analyze electrical systems and, with the ability to mitigate problems, has made life-changing adjustments for many people.

“A solution could be as simple as crossed or unshielded wires, or may involve just moving the EMF/RF source to another place in the home,” he said. “It can also be complicated.”

When he met Monica Sheehan, a Not-for-Profit advocate and designer, she suggested that he create a nonprofit organization.

“He is not just an electrician; he is an EMF consultant and electrical contractor,” she says. “He not only analyzes the problem, but he can do the actual work to correct it. In addition to his contracting work, it was just a natural progression to start a nonprofit to help those who can’t afford the cost of evaluation and mitigation, which can be expensive.”



Sheehan has combined her non-profit experience and fashion sense with Williams’ skills and their mutual concern for staying healthy in the digital age to create The EMF Living Harmony Project (LHP) a year ago. She designed fashion-trending EMF/RF shielding cases and bags for cell phones, lap protectors for those (especially kids) who work with laptops, tablets and gaming devices in their laps, and even shielding cases for key fobs.

Their websites tell us, “The natural electromagnetic field of Mother Nature resonates within the human body; we wouldn’t be alive without it.”

However, with the onset of the array of devices we use every day—WiFi, holding cell phones to our heads, storing them in pants pockets for hours, sitting with laptops, tablets or gaming devices in our laps, as well as home appliances, mis-wired electrical circuits, hybrid and electric cars and key fobs, in other words, “The IoT”—most people are unaware that EMF/RF radiation are more prolific and stronger than Mother Nature intended. A number of reliable studies show that it affects our brains, reproductive ability and the overall health of us, our children and our pets.

“When I saw a photo of a cheerleader with a cell phone tucked into her shorts, it changed my life purpose,” Sheehan says. “We often feel immortal, don’t we? Let’s continue the conversation about balancing our love for technology with our commitment to good health.” 

Both she and William acknowledge the internet is full of EMF/RF shielding products, but with their hands-on knowledge and experience, they hope their solution is a fashion trend that will reach today’s young people.

“We must design functional products that shield harmful, high levels of EMF/RF but are fashion-trending and fashion-forward so that even the most immortal of us all will be interested in using these products,” Sheehan said.

“Your fully tax-deductible donations accomplish two things: they support LHP efforts to bring the conversation into communities, and cover free evaluation and mitigation services to people who can’t otherwise afford it.” As our thank-you gift, you receive a beautiful one-of-a-kind RF-shielding cell phone case, bag or lap protector (your choice).

William Holland can be contacted at emfmtgr@gmail.com; hollandelectricalemf.com; (818) 292-1271.

Monica Sheehan can be contacted at: lhpmonica@gmail.com; (310) 383-9781; emflivingharmonyproject.com.


Holiday Gift Giving

The Living Harmony Project: Your fully tax-deductible donation or purchase of one-of-a-kind EMF/RF shielding Cell Phone Cases, Bags and Lap Protectors support EMF/RF education and mitigation services. Donate $135-$155 to receive one hand-made RF-shielding accessory of a phone Case, Bag or Lap Protector; Donate $225 or more for a custom-made RF-shielding phone Case or Bag with hand-painted or leather transfer of art (uncopyrighted); Donate $3,300 to receive an EMF evaluation and mitigation in your home or office.

To donate, contact Monica Sheehan: lhpmonica@gmail.com; (310) 383-9781; emflivingharmonyproject.com; or William Holland for EMF evaluation queries: emfmtgr@gmail.com; hollandelectricalemf.com; (818) 292-1271.


Flavia Potenza

Flavia Potenza is executive editor of the Messenger Mountain News. She is also a founding member of the 40-year old Topanga Messenger that closed its doors in 2016. She can be reached at editor@messengermountainnews.com

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