Having Fun in the Time of COVID-19

Laura and Scott St. John of Malibu lead an online workout class. Photos courtesy of Barbara Burke

Conjuring up references to Dickens’ famous phrase, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” many Malibu area business people and Coronavirus-entrepreneurs worldwide have pivoted, tailoring their business models to offering events and lectures online. By doing so, they are providing much-needed respite for harried parents trying to entertain children who are not attending school, for people suffering from the boredom inherent in being housebound, and from the incessant news reports about the crisis. 

Fear not! There are many resources available to enjoy. One can take in a comedy show, featuring local Malibuite Eddie Iftt, who is performing a free “Live from my Living Room” stand-up show on his instagram @eddieifft at 9 p.m. every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. There, readers will enjoy some much neededand hystericalcomic relief. 

Get Immersed in the Arts Readers can virtually view lovely artworks by Lori Mills who recently helped launch the temporarily shuttered Contemporary Art Gallery in the Malibu Lumber Yard: www.malibucontemporaryart.com. For more information: (310) 395-3895. Local artists Allois, a world-renowned surrealist, and Gay Summer Rick, an oil painter, have works exhibited in Love in the Time of Corona/A Social Distancing Art Exhibition. For more information: @bggallery. A portion of  art sales will benefit Meals on Wheels for homebound residents during the Coronavirus crisis. For more information, contact Ashley McGullam at ashley@mealsonwheelswest.org or (310) 394-5133, extension 6. 

The Newman family musicians are preparing Easter and Mother’s Day concerts that will stream live.

Malibu’s Maria Newman and Scott Hosfeld, and their entire musically-talented family, are offering a concert streaming event from the Montgomery Arts House for Music & Architecture (“MAHMA,”) the family’s performance space. “A Musical Mother’s Day in the Life” will stream live on Sunday, May 10 at 9:30 p.m. and on Monday, May 11 at 9:30 p.m. For more information, go to https://www.facebook.com/HosfeldScottC

Take Art or Music Lessons Those who are musically inclined can take online guitar and bass lessons with Eduardo del Signore, who has worked with many musicians, including Jan Anderson (YES) and Dionne Warwick. Payments for the guitar lessons will go to A Call to Peace Foundation, which hosts concerts to support various peace-furthering charities. For information: signoremusic.com and  info@acall2peace.org.  

Stay Active, Fit and Happy! Get moving and stay strong by taking online yoga classes with Malibu Beach Yoga. To get started: www.malibubeachyoga.com.  

“Students will want to register at least fifteen minutes prior to a class start time,” said Natalie Riggs, a certified yoga therapist. “We are offering classes through Zoom with all of the same teachers as we did for our class schedules pre-Coronavirus and the platform gives the option for both students and teachers to be on video and audio.”

Elan Eifer, a Point Dume resident and yoga student, is extremely happy to be able to continue a yoga practice. “As a longtime student of Malibu Beach Yoga and Natalie Riggs, I am very thankful to continue with her,” Eifer said. “Online, I continue to attend classes with the same teachers whom I enjoyed in person and each of them have different styles and ways of teaching.”

Get the kids and teens involved by tapping into The Worldwide Workout by Strong Confident Living, an online workout class offered by Malibuites Laura and Scott St. John and their children.  “Our workout is different because we focus not only on the physical, but also on developing psychological stamina,” Laura St. John explained. For information: mindsetclasses.com.

Learn about animals of all varieties by taking in the San Diego Zoo Global Academy’s online courses. There, middle and high school teachers can access self-paced online courses, and students of all ages will enjoy learning about the animals. For information: sandiegozooglobal.org.

Most of all, find ways to stay happy. Join millions worldwide who are enjoying Yale University’s online class, The Science of Wellbeing, taught by Professor Laurie Santos, who had one-third of the university’s students enrolled before the coronavirus quarantine. Santos discusses misconceptions about happiness, how the mind sometimes leads us to think in negative ways, and what to do about it. To see the syllabus and enroll for free, go to coursera.org.


By Barbara Burke


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