Laughter Prevails at God of Carnage

(l-r) Jeannette Vigne, Kurt Fuller, Jessica Hendra and Patrick Skelton in comedy that belies its title. Photo by Bill Pierce

Uproarious laughter filled the Topanga Library community room on Oct. 27 as Topanga Actors Company brought Yasmina Resa’s God of Carnage to life.

Jeanette Vigne, Kurt Fuller, Jessica Hendra, and Patrick Skelton kept a full house in stitches as they brilliantly delivered this smart, biting, dark comedy. It was so good to enjoy the hilarity. Good to hear people laughing out loud. Very loud.

Jeanette Vigne’s disintegration from matron to drunken maniac was masterful. Jessica Hendra took her character from benevolent to ballistic in a beautifully layered performance. Kurt Fuller’s timing was perfect in his portrayal of a dry, totally believable, self-centered, hyper-urban, amoral cynic, totally motivated by self-interest, as did Patrick Skelton remarkably went from Mister Nice-Guy to a Nasty-Racist-Animal- Abusing-Child-Hating phony, surprising everyone in the audience.  

Producer Judith Hendra had a vision for this performance which came to life and gave Topanga a wonderful afternoon of high theater.

Bravo and thank you to all.

Topanga Actors Company comes back to the Library December 1, with the touching, poignant, A Christmas Memory by Truman Capote.


Paula LaBrot

Paula LaBrot is a 30-year resident of Topanga, a futurist with a special interest in the uncharted waters of cyberspace.

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