Canyon Sages at a Turning Point

After eight years as president of the Canyon Sages, I am stepping down. At the same time, Jackie Safonov is stepping down as Community House activities liaison (thanks, Jackie!) and we would like to replace her with a person who will oversee all our activities, as Gabrielle Lamirand once did so well.

For those new leaders, we offer strong support. Many of our fine volunteers have offered to stay in place, notably, Tam Taylor as VP, Susan Wiebusch as Secretary, Gail Thomas, stepping in as Treasurer and Jackie Safonov, donating her services as bookkeeper.

Our dinner team, led by Lisa Villasenor, Karen Dannenbaum and Karla Morrison will continue organizing their incredible feasts. The legendary Susan Nissman will lead our building effort. More volunteers will continue to soldier on—Lee Kelly, Ami Kirby, Joan Hoch, Janice Harmon, John Coffer and a host of others. I’ll stay on as a mentor as a Jill-of-all-trades and mentor as long as needed.

Looking to the future, what does the Sages need from you? Before our November elections, we need to fill the following positions: President; Activities Director; Publicity Chief; and assistants in Activities, Services, Publicity and Dinner Décor. We could also use an experienced grant writer, since we plan to apply for funds to hire a part-time Activities Manager and to help finish the addition at the Topanga Community House.

If you are ready to volunteer, increase your volunteer role, know someone who is, or want to know more in order to decide, call me at (310) 455-1319 to chat or ask questions.

Personally, this has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever held. I have come to love our canyon, even more than before, for its giving and unique nature. It was fun for us to be able to start something from scratch with such great partners—first with the Topanga Town Council, then with TCC—and find it so well received. I only hope we stay loose and open to new ideas. That would keep the Sages strong and vital and ready for more success.

Thank you all!


Michele Johnson, President

   Canyon Sages


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