Letters – July 14, 2017

Fire Night at Rocco’s


On the first night of the fire, Jane Hoover and Lisa Zook closed up Topanga Home Grown at the usual time and went to the Bistro. It was closed, so they went to Rocco’s and stayed for more than dinner.

After eating, we noticed the phone was ringing off the hook and the server kept saying he was the only server to show up for work. We offered to help out and worked for two hours busing tables, taking orders and laughing with the customers..

The place was slammed and the only staff were Jesus Melendez, who was taking orders and serving, Lupe and Rosa Melendez rocking it in the kitchen and Johanna Melendez at the salad bar. Truey, who usually delivers pizzas, came in later and jumped in to help with orders.

Roshni Mangal was at the bar area and pointed us in the right direction while we got our on-the-job training. My orders looked like novels. She also helped me [Lisa] keep track of the people who were waiting for their orders to go. When Holden Burkons came in to pick up his order, he helped fill water glasses for customers while patiently waiting for his food.

It was a fun evening. Everyone was so understanding once they realized that Jane and I were customers, not employees. Customers helped themselves, laughed and were patient. One customer said the evening had a great community feel to it. We often got in Jesus’ way, but he was always smiling.

A week later a customer came into Topanga Homegrown and the little boy said, “Mommy, that was the lady who helped us at Rocco’s the other night.”

Rocco’s, you did an awesome job! Thank you!

—Lisa Zook & Jane Hoover



Dear Topanga Community,


The community representatives of the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee (TCBRC) are grateful for the vegetation management efforts of Topanga property owners along the Boulevard and wish to thank and congratulate them on achieving 62 percent compliance with roadside brush clearance this year. This represents a 50 percent improvement over last year.

While still short of our goal of 100 percent fulfillment of Topanga’s agreement with Caltrans and the Fire Department, we are all encouraged by the level of cooperation and urge those who have still not taken care of the brush clearance on their portion of Topanga Canyon Boulevard to join their neighbors in this essential community effort.

The recent fire demonstrates that this is critically important. It takes all of us to keep Topanga Safe, Scenic and Pesticide-free.

To learn more about the TCBRC and participate in the effort: tcbrc27@gmail.com;  or visit the Topanga Town Council’s website, OneTopanga.com (select “Downloads & Links,” and scroll down to the Environmental TCBRC section).


Thank you,

Topanga Town Council

Topanga Chamber of Commerce

Topanga Creek Watershed Committee

North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council

Topanga Association for a Scenic Community

Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness

Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains


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