Letters – March 20, 2020

What a Tale!

I am a relatively recent transplant from Wisconsin to Topanga (2007), but my wife has spent most of the past 44 years here. The missus was going through a backlog of papers for recycling and just tore out a page for me from the May 31, 2019 edition with Joel Bellman’s column about Art Kunkin.

         What a tale!  Kunkin’s resume would be a marvel to behold—how many people can list an apprenticeship in alchemy and an editorial position at a nudist camp? I envy your memory of shopping at head shops on Sunset Strip at age 13.  Now I’ve learned that the Freep was once up the street from Canter’s. . .Your appreciation of Mr. Kunkin is well told and resonates with a 68-year-old from the Midwest who once envied all things Californian.

         I noted that your interview with Art Kunkin took place in Joshua Tree, and I’m wondering if you are familiar with the writer, Ken Layne, who is based there, and his suspended publication, the Desert Oracle, and his current project, Desert Oracle Radio. (desertoracle.com/radio/)

I read about this guy in the LA Times and immediately subscribed to the Desert Oracle. (One of his stories was called “The Owls are Watching from Their Burrows,” which I think is one of the great headlines of all time, right up there with a 1970s headline in the “classic” Daily Enquirer, “UFO FLEETS BLITZ EARTH.”) My wife and I have been out there a few times to see the natural landmarks and the Integratron and even the old Nipton Hotel. We bought a Zombie Hunting License bumper sticker out there, too.

Keep up the good work! 

Richard Hoops



Such a brilliant  latest issue! So full of important information: The Census, the homeless, etc.,etc. Vital knowledge.

Jane Robbins


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