Move the World

After four years, Move the World (MTW) youth are on the front lines making waves through their performances and taking a stand by creating a call to action every month. Eighty percent of the company participated in the Women’s March in January.

On Saturday, February 18, Move the World Family Ball, a dance party and fundraiser, takes place at the Community House. From 7- 8 p.m., Move the World dancers will present a theatrical performance, choreographed by MTW creative director and founder Cecilie Stuart. The dance will focus on human rights especially the Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBT community. It asks the question: “What is the part we need to play in making real change in our city and nation?”

The dance party follows until 10 p.m. MTW asks for a suggested donation of $15.
Move the World-Dance Activism is a local non-profit striving to raise awareness for important global issues through one of the world’s most loved art forms—dance.

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By Chloe Chapman


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