MRCA Acquires Another Small Piece of Topanga Open Space

The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) is adding another small patch to its crazy quilt of open space in the Topanga Area. The January 8 MRCA board meeting includes an item seeking authorization for acceptance of a donation of two small lots on Old Topanga Canyon Road.

The properties—approximately a half acre total—are near the Summit to Summit trail. The staff report finds that, while the parcels are small and not contiguous with other nearby open space, they are ecologically rich.

“The north slope chaparral vegetation is well developed and a key part of a scenic viewshed and an important Los Angeles River tributary (Dry Creek Canyon) watershed,” the staff report states: The property has been inspected by staff and no issues were apparent. No structures are located within 200 feet to necessitate any brushing. The ten feet of required roadside brushing is entirely within the County road right of way. In short, the subject properties would be an exceptional, maintenance free, addition of protected lands within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.”


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