New Year’s Eve at Froggy’s

The bands, Deltaz, Davey and the Midnights, Pacific Range and Canyon Grass, rocked the House, paused at midnight for a little Auld Lang Syne, then rolled into 2020.

Staying home in a one-piece unicorn pajama and eating pizza with my husband sounds like a pretty good way to spend New Year’s Eve. Though tempted, there was an event at Froggy’s and there’s something special about being out with people, hearing music, and celebrating being alive at the end of one decade and ushering in the new one. Besides, there was a rumor of free beer.

New Year revelers feasted on the most authentic tacos in Topanga from Adriana Lemus’ La Chingona Tacos.

Congratulations to all involved: Highway 27, the Deltaz, and Froggy’s, for organizing a local event here in Topanga, where our community came together for reveling, rejoicing, and remembering Auld Lang Syne, and indeed, the place was rocking. Just standing on the floor one could feel the old boards vibrating as the bands played and people danced with abandon and each other. The crowd was diverse and happy, representing a variety of ages, all manner of styles, and conducted their festive selves with decorum. A great mix. May this be the beginning of a tradition. Happy New Year!




Kathie Gibboney

It has been said that Kathie Gibboney invented the Unicorn, which she neither admits nor denies, as it might reveal her true age. Kathie is an essayist, reporter, and poet for MMN with her column, "My Corner of The Canyon." She lives happily in a now-empty nest in Topanga, CA with The Beleaguered Husband and a marmalade cat.

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