The House of Marsha Maus

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Longtime local Marsha Maus lost her Seminole Hot Springs home in the Woolsey Fire, but not her perspective on life. Maus was able to find beauty and wonder in the charred debris of her house and garden, where the fire transmuted glass and metal into abstract sculptural forms.

Maus found inspiration from the volunteers, mostly strangers who came from near and far to sift through the rubble with her. “I’m fascinated with people’s generosity,” she said through tears. “ These people are better than angels.”

Meanwhile, she found a small rental in Agoura, thanks to a long-time friend. People have brought her clothes, furniture, and basic needs to carry on. They also brought hazmat suits and strong backs, but most of all, they brought support, care, admiration, and love to our Topanga fashionista, always adorned in recycled elegance. Who else but Marsha Maus could make a hazmat suit look so good?

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