Poetry Stones Dedication

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Sometimes things are written in stone. The City of Malibu recently dedicated two poetry stones in Malibu Legacy Park to commemorate the contributions of the community’s inaugural Poet Laureate, Richardo Means Ybarra, and sixth grade student poet Mandy Mulligan.

Ybarra’s poem “America,” written in 2017, is engraved on the first stone. It’s a meditation on immigration and a call for acceptance, tolerance, and celebrating multiculturalism.

The second stone features a fragment of a poem written by Mandy in the fifth grade as part of the first Poet Laureate school program. Mandy’s stone reads: “Poetry is like a river that has no beginning or end. It flows through people. Deep inside it hides.”

The stones are located in Malibu Legacy Park on the Civic Center Way side of the park.


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