Poetry Three

Cyvra Village Green


I lived in the workshop

         Of Cyvra* Village Green

And out of the mountains

         And from down below

Lived a watery stream


Dream on said the stream

         Dream on said the green

For you are a raindrop from God’s dream

—Karen L. Moran, April 29, 2016

*Cyvra—Karen Moran is the daughter of Topanga artists, Cy and Vera Wood, pioneers who dubbed their studio workshop with this contraction of their first names.


On  Selfless Boulevard

We drive for  a prescription to  the Valley.

It’s rush hour but there is no traffic!

I feel a flush of pride for my community,

families self quarantined at home

with children, dogs, cats,books,

garden trees that stand quietly swaying, 

their vigil and this empty boulevard

persuading me my people shelter

unaided by the merciless and the greedy

whose icons disguised as “an economy”

so abruptly collapse on working people,

 hospitals, schools, doctors, nurses, the dying.

We are joined by the heart to our neighbors

self-quarantined against an invisible foe

to heal and re-create what our country

must awaken as compassion and mortal love.

—Philip Daughtry


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