Silvopasture—Drawdown Solution #9

It just seems right to link sustainable crop farming to raising healthy animals for food. Indeed, for hundreds of thousands of years of farming just that way has made humans the top global species on the planet. In recent years, Agro-business has turned to chemical fertilizers and mono-cropping which has depleted our topsoil and locked our livestock in darkened cages and polluted feedlots. Silvopasture is a return, not only to the natural integration of animals and crops together, but to our senses! Silvopasture allows grazing animals to roam free within a semi-forested area. While obviously more humane than the CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operations), the cows graze while working their manure into the soil, sequestering carbon under-hoof. The health and productivity of animals and the land improve while reversing global warming. says, “If (silvopasture) adoption expands to 554 million acres by 2050—out of the 2.7 billion acres theoretically suitable for silvopasture—carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 31.2 gigatons.” Additionally, it saves us close to $700 billion over that time. To read more about silvopasure:


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