The Open Road in Record Time

This community is proud to be in partnership with Caltrans and extremely happy with the care that was taken to accomplish [road repairs and slope reinforcement of both the hillside and the creek embankment] 12 hours under schedule. 

The example has been set: We can fix infrastructure and protect the environment at the same time. Working together in this collaborative way was something to behold and we are sure will be repeated in the future. 

Special thanks must go to Michael Dipsia, Caltrans Sr. Construction Engineer, West L.A. Field offices,  for his complete understanding of the community needs while at the same time knowing that maintenance of the road must be taken care of for all the stakeholders who use our Scenic Highway.

We look forward to the continued collaboration displayed this weekend. 

Thank you,


Roger Pugliese, Chair, Topanga Association for a Scenic Community (TASC)

Ron Fomalont, President; Joseph Rosendo, Topanga Chamber of Commerce

Stacy Sledge, President, Topanga Town Council (TTC)


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