The Spirit of Caring

Sherry and Bob Jason accepting the 2017 Caring Award from Richard Brennan, Caring
Institute Director, at the October 14 ceremony. Photo by Juliet Jason

City Hearts founders, Sherry and Bob Jason, have been selected to receive the prestigious 2017 Caring Award, presented by The Caring Institute of Washington, DC to honor and promote the values of caring, integrity and service. The award, now in its 32nd year, has been given to such notables as Jane Goodall, Mother Teresa and John Wooden. 

Sherry and Bob will be honored for their work in helping to transform the lives of at-greatest-risk children and teens in impoverished communities by providing the highest quality classes in Visual and Performing Arts throughout Los Angeles County through their program, City Hearts: Kids Say Yes to the Arts, founded in 1984.

This is a love story that began 40 years ago when Sherry and Bob met as two Public Defenders in the halls of Juvenile Court in downtown L.A., representing youth charged with crimes.  Sherry, a former ballerina turned Criminal Defense Attorney, had her life changed when she followed the sound of a piano during her introductory visit to L.A.’s Central Juvenile Hall.  Witnessing a 13-year old piano prodigy who had committed a murder, Sherry was determined to find a way to help provide intervention, prevention and inspiration for youth to find a path away from gangs and delinquency. “What if,” she thought, “he had met the piano before he met drugs and gangs?”

Now in its 32nd year of service, City Hearts has helped more than 35,000 children and youth and is currently providing programs in eleven schools across Los Angeles County.

City Hearts warmly congratulates the other 2017 Caring Award honorees.

The Caring Award presentation ceremony was held on Saturday, October 14 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Long Beach.


For more information on City Hearts:; (310) 455-2898.

For more information on the award:


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