U.S Congress Seeks Review of Aviation Noise

Canyon residents concerned about the increase of aircraft noise following recent changes to flight routes are getting some help from Washington, DC. Congressmembers Adam Schiff, Brad Sherman, and Peter DeFazio, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, have requested that the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) investigate how the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has handled aviation noise impacts while implementing the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) in major metropolitan areas. 

An additional 26 Members of Congress, including Topanga’s representative, Congressman Ted Lieu, have signed the request.

“This is just the kind of investigation we’ve all been clamoring for,” said Alicia Gonzalez, Chair of Quiet Skies Santa Monica Mountains. “They are asking the GAO to, ‘review how the FAA measures aircraft noise, how it evaluates and mitigates noise impacts, and the extent to which the FAA conducts public outreach and responds to public comments regarding noise impacts.”

The GAO is a nonpartisan watchdog agency, part of the legislative branch, that has broad authority to investigate and evaluate the results of government programs. 

The study is intended to address the significant noise disruptions that residents in the SoCal Metroplex and elsewhere throughout the country have experienced after the FAA changed aerial navigation routes and procedures as part of the NextGen project. If accepted by the GAO, it will also provide recommendations to ensure that, moving forward, the FAA is responsive to community concerns.” 

The LA Times reported on June 24: “Citing concerns about airplane noise for residents in West Adams, Mid-City and surrounding neighborhoods, the city of L.A. is suing the Federal Aviation Administration to get a court to invalidate the routes jets now use to access Los Angeles International Airport. The lawsuit follows complaints from residents in those neighborhoods who say planes are bearing down on their homes, causing a thunderous and constant commotion.

“Hold a good thought and keep registering your noise complaints,” Gonzalez said. 


Read the full text of the 6-18-19 letter here: https://schiff.house.gov/imo/media/doc/2019-06-19%20GAO%20noise%20study%20request%20letter.pdf 


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