Weed Abatement on TCB

Topanga’s Roadside Committee asks residents whose property abuts Topanga Canyon Boulevard to avoid Caltrans’ use of herbicides and weed-whack those areas themselves. It’s fire season. Photo courtesy of the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee

The Topanga Canyon Boulevard Roadside Committee (TCBRC)  has been working with Caltrans for five years to prevent the resumption of their weed abatement program of spraying herbicides along the Boulevard. The agreement with Caltrans was, that if they refrain from doing so, Topangans would accept part of the responsibility for removing roadside vegetation.

Fire season is upon us and it’s time for residents to weed-whack overgrown areas that border the Boulevard in order to comply with the Fire Department’s mandate to clear vegetation along developed sections of TCB.

TCBRC is coordinating this community effort in order to assist Caltrans and ensuring that non-toxic methods are used to preserve Topanga’s natural beauty and protect its wildlife. 

“Your volunteer efforts will truly make all the difference,” says TASC Chair Roger Pugliese. “Personal safety is of the utmost importance for the volunteers and we expect that they will observe proper precautions.” Once weed abatement is completed, TCBRC requests that volunteers e-mail tcbrc27@gmail.com with their contact information.

As a matter of liability, Caltrans requests that all volunteers sign a “Letter of Consent,” that includes the list of necessary precautions before embarking on any work near the road. 

“It’s a simple, yet essential, process and a fairly standard waiver form,” says Pugliese. Caltrans Form TR-0131 is available at: www.dot.ca.gov

Complete the form and e-mail to Rudy Camacho at Rodolfo.Camacho@dot.ca.gov or mail to him at Las Flores Maintenance Station, 3503 Las Flores Canyon Rd, Malibu CA 90265.

For more information about community maintenance and preservation projects taking place on TCB, including its recent designation as a California Scenic Highway, its mission, history, brochures, reports and press releases: onetopanga.com.

TCBRC thanks homeowners in advance for participating in this critical community effort and helping Topanga stay scenic and safe.

TCBRC Community Organization members: Topanga Town Council (TTC); Topanga Association for a Scenic Community (TASC); Topanga Coalition for Emergency Preparedness (TCEP); Topanga Chamber of Commerce (TCoC); Topanga Creek Watershed Committee (TCWC); North Topanga Canyon Fire Safe Council (NTCFSC); Resource Conservation District of the Santa Monica Mountains.


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