Mountain Lion Sighting in Old Canyon

The story is my dog was barking like crazy, so I checked my camera and only saw a raccoon, around 9:30 pm. First thing in the morning I checked my camera to see if there was any more raccoon activity, and saw that big boy! I sent the video over to Ranger Kate [Kuykendahl], who said with my address and the exact time, she could pinpoint which mountain lion it was. Kate sent the video to the biologist, who said it was P12. I live on Old Topanga, and there have been several sightings lately, so I asked her if she thought all the sightings were P12. She said no, there are 3 mountain lions in the area, P12, P61, and an uncollared one, which was seen in the state park. She also said that with so many people having quality home surveillance cameras, it is leading people to think there are more mountain lions in the area, but that isn’t the case, they have always been there; we just have more opportunity to see them. Someone from CBS News saw the video, that I had posted on Nextdoor and Facebook. CBS broadcast it on KCAL, and FOX11 saw it there, called me, and asked if they could play it as well.
—Karen Dannenbaum

The Acorn Reports on TCB Scenic

Two happy guys! Congratulations to Roger Pugliese, Joseph Rosendo and the entire team and community of people who made our Scenic Highway designation possible.

Topanga Scenic Highway Poster Contest!

That’s right! Our very own Topanga Canyon Boulevard has been named a
California Scenic Highway, the first such honor in LA in 40 years.

Posters must include the slogan

All entries must be 8.5×11 inches—that’s regular sized paper.
Use markers, paints or pens only.

Dead line for submissions is May 29. 2017
Please drop off your submissions at the Topanga Library in the Scenic Highway Box
Don’t forget to put your name, age, grade and your parent’s e mail address
on the back.
Winners will be notified by e mail and announced on the Town Council,
Chamber of Commerce and TASC websites by June 2, 2017. The winners
will also be recognized at the Dedication Ceremony, June 16, 2-4 PM at the
Theatricum Botanicum.

For more information contact Topanga Elementary School mom, Lisa Ward: 310 455 0512 or Topanga Animal Rescue’s Susan Clark 818 434 0880.

Entrants waive all rights to artwork. Original Artwork will not be returned. Contest organizers reserve the right to reproduce artwork for promotional non profit uses.

Topanga Days Announces Instagram Contest for 2017

For the first time, The Topanga Community Center has announced an exciting new addition to Topanga Days, an Instagram photo contest.

Attendees are encouraged to post their images to Instagram during each day of the Festival; Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28 and Monday, May 29 and include the hashtag #TopangaDays2017. Images of the parade on Monday, May 29 are also eligible. There is no limit to the amount of postings.

Two winners will be selected each day. Winner #1 will be chosen for the most “likes” and Winner #2 for the image that “Best captures Topanga Days.” The latter will be selected by an appointed committee.

The six winners will be announced in the June 16 edition of the Messenger Mountain News.

“Topanga Days means so much to so many people,” says Kelly Rockwell, President of the Topanga Community Center. “We love seeing the festival through the lens of our community and we are excited to try something new this year and to honor creativity through Instagram.”

Winners will receive a pair of tickets for a day of their choice at Topanga Days 2018.

Remember that Total Eclipse!

In our Issue #6, science writer, David Lynch gave us a great preview of the coming total eclipse that can be seen across the country in August (go to and scroll down to Issue #6, page 16)

If you haven’t taken a moment to read it, be sure you do, for this is no ordinary eclipse–in fact the United States Postal Service is issuing an unusual commemorative stamp for the event. Talk about going all science geek on us! For the first time ever, this stamp will be printed with thermochromic ink, which allows two images to exist on the stamp at the same time. By rubbing the image, the ink reacts with your body heat to reveal the image underneath–the Moon–and when it cools back it shows the eclipse itself.

You can read more about the stamp here:

The stamp will be issued June 20, on the date of the summer solstice.

Another Rattlesnake Wrangler in our Midst

MMN Science contributor, Dave Lynch, sent us this awesome (sorry, no other word for it) shot of the snake he just sequestered and relocated from Topanga Skyline Drive.

“Lovely creature. Southern Pacific Rattler. Caught him in Holly Scoren’s yard. Look at those dreamy colors.”