Fernwood Rain Report – Spring 2020

After a freakishly dry January and February (normally our wettest months), we have been blessed with a spring miracle of 9.42 inches of rain in the months March and April here in Fernwood. This godsend brings our season total up to 18.53 inches of cool, clear water.

Surprisingly, we are now about a quarter of an inch above our average rainfall for April 21: 18.26 inches of precipitation. As these spring storms move in over the mountains, the moist air is lifted into colder layers of air above and we see higher totals than the valleys and the Los Angeles Basin. The Los Angeles Civic Center season total now stands at 14.69 inches and the Santa Monica Pier has seen 12.99 inches of rain. Some Southern California stations are still reporting below average rainfall. Ventura, for example, has received only 12.00 inches of precipitation—well below the average of 15.89 inches of rain for this date.


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