Agoura Development Hearing

This view, and the legacy oak that is an Agoura Hills landmark, may soon be replaced with a mini-city of 118 condos, a 40,090-square-foot mall, an 8,910-square-foot office building and a 120-room hotel. Photo by Suzanne Guldimann

On Tuesday, November 13, the city of Agoura will be holding a scoping meeting on the controversial development project planned for the corner of Agoura and Kanan Dume Road.

The proposed project would include 118 multi-family residential units, 40,090 square feet of commercial retail space, 8,910 square feet of office space, and a 120-room hotel, with associated surface and underground parking, private and public open space and recreation amenities, landscaping, lighting, and utility connections, according to a staff report. A total of 578 parking spaces would be provided throughout the project site in a combination of at-grade surface parking, subterranean parking beneath proposed buildings, and street parking along Agoura Road.

Controversial elements of the project include impact on traffic at the already congested intersection of Kanan and Agoura Roads, as well as visual and environmental impacts and habitat loss.

The project would impact a total of 30 mature oak trees on the property, including the iconic Agoura Hills lone oak. According to the staff report, 17 oaks would be dug up and moved, four would be cut down and removed, nine would be “encroached on.

Agoura Hills advertises itself as the “gateway to the Santa Monica Mountains.” Critics contend that this project will eliminate an iconic view of the mountains, and push high density development more deeply into the wildland interface: the antithesis of the city’s tagline.

The meeting will take place at the Agoura Hills Recreation & Event Center, located at 29900 Ladyface Court in Agoura Hills. The informational presentation will begin at 6:30 pm and staff will be available until 8:30 pm to take any written comments in regards to the forthcoming Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and areas of concern. Staff will also be available to answer any questions the public may have in regards to the EIR process and study areas. Written comments may also be provided to Allison Cook, Assistant Planning Director,


Suzanne Guldimann

Suzanne Guldimann is an author, artist, and musician who lives in Malibu and loves the Santa Monica Mountains. She has worked as a journalist reporting on local news and issues for more than a decade, and is the author of nine books of music for the harp. Suzanne's newest book, "Life in Malibu", explores local history and nature. She can be reached at

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