Beginning Again

Photo by Dr. Merle DeVartanian

Life is beginning again in our mountains.

Miriam Geer and I drove the entire mountain highway from Yerba Buena Highway to Mulholland Highway to home. What we saw! The scope of the Woolsey Fire destruction is huge. The damage done is almost too much to comprehend but there is a green wave coming as the earth renews itself. For any romantic soul, a trip through the hills is filled with hope. No matter how blackened the terrain, there is life springing up everywhere. Endings leading to new beginnings. Recovery is underway. In the words of Wordsworth:

“Though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower,

We will grieve not, rather find strength

In what remains behind.”

Well, actually, I think we will grieve, and rightly so. As a futurist, I will find my strength in what lies ahead. Spring!

Paula LaBrot

Paula LaBrot is a 30-year resident of Topanga, a futurist with a special interest in the uncharted waters of cyberspace.

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