Beloved Witch Solstice Gathering, Sunday, June 23

On Sunday, June 23, white witch Coco Blignaut called Beloved Women, 14 and up, to celebrate the Summer Solstice with her in her garden under the oak trees, where she soothed, nurtured, anointed, and fed her guests.

“A lot of women I know need it,” she said. Coco brought the group into the times of the Druid, the “nature witches” who sat under oak trees and listened to the wind speak to them and treated the group, lying down on the grass, to a sound bath from the 11th century.” 

An herbal teatime tasting of sweet grass tea with pineapple and barley, and crisp black tea with chili and chocolate, was paired with a feast of Druid bread that she bakes from a very old recipe, filled with fruits, nuts, and apples with lemon and salt. She also provided essential oils of the highest purity for the anointing.

For this workshop, she also shared her recent journey and grimoire notes on: How to communicate with flowers; How to talk to a tree; How to brew with botanicals; and how to cook/bake with intention. Have you ever had oak sap? Rose gin? Chamomile bread? Cat’s foot flower tea? Cherry wine? Strawberry jam with balsamic vinegar? For a few hours, the women celebrated body, mind and soul…and the summer solstice.n


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