Fernwood Rain Report, February 5, 2019

A series of storms has drenched our fire-scarred hills in the last several weeks. All this moisture has given us a season total of 19.41 inches of rain. The average rainfall for the entire season is 18.80 inches of precipitation. Normal for this date is 9.94 inches of the juice. All rain from here on out is money in the bank above average. This is great news for the chaparral’s water tables in light of the persistent drought of the last eight years. Six of the last eight years have been well below our average rainfall. Not such great news for the burn areas, however.

As usual Fernwood benefits from the orographic lift provided by the Santa Monica Mountains. Los Angeles civic center has had 12.36 inches of the wet stuff so far this season — 7.05 inches of rain less than Fernwood!


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