Fernwood Rain Report – April 3, 2019

In the 22 seasons that the Fernwood Rain Report has been keeping daily rain records, this year is the fourth rainiest season I’ve recorded with 27.33 inches of precipitation so far. We are closing in on the 2000-2001 season’s third-place total of 29.02 inches of rain. We still have a way to go to beat the 45.82 inches of rain that fell in 1997-98 season. Typically, rain starts to diminish in mid-March as you can see by the Fernwood Average listed in the chart. Our season has seen 10.43 inches of rain over our average for April Fool’s Day. As usual, the Santa Monica Mountains get more rain than the basin. We’ve had 9.34 inches of rain more than downtown Los Angeles and 8.94 inches of precipitation more than Woodland Hills.


  1. For other weather geeks out there, our rain gauge on Saddle Peak recorded a prodigious 38.11 inches for the season.

  2. Hi Adam, Pretty juicy! what kind of a weather station do you have? How long have you been keeping records?

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