Floating Doctors

Floating Doctors’ mission is to reduce the burden of disease in developing countries worldwide. Its goals include: providing free acute and preventative health care services and delivering donated medical supplies to isolated areas; reducing child and maternal mortality through food safety/prenatal education, nutritional counseling, and clean water solutions; studying and documenting local systems of health care delivery and identifying what progress has been made, what challenges remain, and what solutions exist to improve health care delivery worldwide; using the latest communications technologies to bring specialized medical knowledge to the developing world, and to share our experiences with the global community and promote cooperation in resolving world health care issues.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES We are looking for non-medical volunteer groups—Boy Scouts, church groups or service clubs (rotary, Lions, etc)—that would like to come for a short service trip (1 week) since we are trying to make the growth experience that occurs available to everyone, especially kids.

See more information about Floating Doctors at their website. You can also find details and application for their “Immersion Visits” at FloatingDoctors.com or access the immersion trip opportunity directly here.

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