FOCUSFish facilitates a naturally explorative, active, unselfconscious atmosphere by engaging all ages in creative exercise and compelling movement. Working through LA Unified School District, they hold physical education programs in seven schools, providing quality arts and physical fitness programs to students through cultural dance, creative movement, and practical body knowledge as a means of preventative health. Our flying circus aerial fitness program offers homeschoolers and families an opportunity to take creative fitness classes together for an affordable price. Classes are offered both at the FOCUSFish studio and as a mobile program. Exercise balls, trapezes and ropes are utilized for movements and exercises, with a focus on fun and an all-inclusive approach to sports.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: We are producing Mary Poppins at Topanga Elementary this Spring and Matilda at Manzanita this fall for the whole community. We would love volunteers to help produce these events. We always need help with large classes and workshops (from people who are active and like children). Donations help us raise money for new mats for our beautiful outdoor pavilion. Kristy Beauvais. (323) 691-5747

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