Fourth of July Fireworks Safety Closures

During Fourth of July holiday celebrations, Assistant Fire Chief Anthony Williams has requested that Topanga Arson Watch assist in limiting access on July 3 and 4 to several fire roads in the Topanga area for a specific time period during the Fourth of July holiday. This will  not in any way interfere with access to residents or tradespeople in these affected areas.

The following roads may be subject to limited access: 

  • Topanga Canyon & Summit-to-Summit fire gate 
  • Mulholland & Santa Maria fire gate 
  • Adamsville and Summit-to-Summit fire gate
  • Henry Ridge Summit-to-Summit at the chain 
  • Old Topanga Canyon Summit-to-Summit at the chain 
  • Tuna Canyon Park fire gate at Tuna Canyon (Big Rock Motorway) 
  • Saddle Peak Stunt fire gate (Topanga Ridge Motorway)

“We are very supportive of the Arson Watch and the services they provide for the community. We believe this limited access program is prudent on such high activity days as the Fourth of July holiday. 

Topanga is a designated Severe High Fire Risk area. Residents can help prevent fireworks-related injuries and keep communities safe. 


For information:; LA County Fireworks Hotline at (888) 654-FIRE.


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