Healing Through Sound, Music & Meditation Workshop

Singer/songwriter/teacher Kimberly Haynes is hosting a workshop, “The Yoga of Voice and Vibration,” on October 20-21 at her home on the Medley Loop.

Haynes is a survivor of complex trauma and spent many years in cycles of anxiety, addictions, and self-destructive patterns. She now dedicates her life to healing through sound, music, and meditation.

Her background of study and practice includes vocal pedagogy, world sacred music, Cantorial service in Los Angeles (20 years), an apprenticeship in sound healing and other yogic practices. She is also an award-wining recording artist.

Her website states: “The workshop will focus on methods to access the inner experience of the voice for your own enjoyment. Performance anxiety is gracefully removed in order to access the spring of infinite creative sounding that is everyone’s potential. You will be guided to explore your relationship to your voice and emerge with a greater understanding of the vocal instrument, while experiencing the freedom of forgiving and releasing what has been standing in the way of your voice.”

To register: musicmedicinewoman.com/events


For more information: (310) 909-6485; kimberly@musicmedicinewoman.com. Link to the event page on her website: musicmedicinewoman.com/offerings/; Link to her two albums: musicmedicinewoman.com/music/; and her playlist on YouTube:



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