Letters – March 10, 2017

Dear Editors:

Thank you for sending the first two issues of the Messenger Mountain News. I let Katie open the envelope and she was so pleased and impressed with your new paper. Allen and I also think you have produced a beautiful and readable product. The picture and article about Katie was such a surprise for her. Thank you for your kindness. I believe that your focus on stories from the lives of people in your community is invaluable. Good job.

Katie is making really good progress; eating food by mouth, talking well and trying to deal with hair that has been matted down for 2 months and experiencing all the normal angst associated with lost time and memory. We are so very grateful. She is still physically weak but working hard. Katie is better every day  and looks forward to returning to Topanga in a couple of months.

–Emily and Allen McCutchan



The other day I was talking to Britt from Britt Glynn DesignBuild. We were discussing advertising in the new Messenger Mountain News. She shared how much she loves the new paper, saying it is very inviting. In fact she is very pleased because the new design and layout of the paper makes her 10 year old son want to read. Success! 

Miranda Robin



I just have to tell you how impressed I am with your new adventure results in creating the Messenger Mountain News! It has a little something for everyone, so fresh and professional. I can think of a few things that might be fun to try once you get settled and used to the routine…Your covers are great…just makes me want to open it up! Congrats to you and all the contributing creators…good job!

Lindsay Morgan


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