Letters – November 16, 2018

I took my 87-year-old Mom the last two issues with “The Backyard Astronomer” column and she was very impressed with our newspaper in general. She read them both cover to cover. She was a research librarian and still gets the NY Times and the LA Times, so her praise of the journalism in the Messenger Mountain News is well qualified. She laments the poor quality of the Surfside News and The Malibu Times as she has lived in Malibu for 47 years. Anyway, she loves the Messenger!

Eric Fitzgerald


What a blessing all your work is to our Community! It really is a miracle that you have moved this newspaper along into the modern times and still retain the core essence of Topanga….so responsive to the unique needs of Topanga folk. I’m also grateful for the judges recommendations. Jamie and I tried to look them up; it was a daunting and overwhelming prospect once we started in on it. Thanks for this, just in the nick of time!

Big hug of appreciation,

Melanie Kareem


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