Letters – October 18, 2019

PDSMM Update

Thanks to you and Annemarie Donkin for the great coverage of our annual PDSMM fundraiser and birthday party. 

A few updates are in order. I am no longer on the board of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party, but I am on the Executive Board of the party itself. As a member of the Los Angeles County Party Central Committee I was eligible to run and was voted to the board by the members of the Central Committee. 

I am so excited to think that the issues I have fought for over the years are now mainstream enough that I could be elected to the board. There are only 300 Executive Board members in the state. I will be running for Central Committee again and hope to have your votes. I will be on the March ballot.

PDSMM, which is Topanga’s Democratic Club, will be joining with other west side Democratic Clubs to sponsor phone banks, bus trips, and other activities to ensure the election of more Democrats in California—there are still seven Republican representatives in CA—

and in our neighboring states and around the country as well to ensure the election of  a Democratic president. 

While our club is predominantly Bernie supporters we will be working for whomever is chosen to run against Trump or any Republican nominee.

Open board meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of each month and general meetings are on the second Saturday. 

For more information: Call or text (310) 291-1300; facebook.com/PDSMM/

—Dorothy Reik


Little Bobcat with a Big Message

Johanna Turner’s cover photo of the bobcat last issue was so stunningly beautiful, I was inspired to visit her exhibit, on display through October 30 at the King Gillette Ranch. Amazing. 

I had not been to the Visitor Center before and found it to be a terrific place to find gifts for all ages: books on nature and wildlife; Native American baskets, blankets, jewelry; stunning photography; cards and other stationery, just to mention a small portion of what’s there. The informed staff is happy to answer questions, and there are lots of pamphlets and a video about the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The Anthony Beilenson Interagency Visitor Center at King Gillette Ranch is located at 26876 Mulholland Hwy, Calabasas, CA 91302. The show runs through October 30, and is open every day, 9-5, except major holidays. For information: (805) 370-2301.

—Corinne Schnur


From England With Love

I’ve just seen this article and am overwhelmed by what my eldest son, Antony [Bartlett] has achieved. I have followed open-mouthed at all the creative developments since we observed the theatre in its infancy at Thanksgiving last year. I am truly delighted that so many people in the community have supported and enjoyed everything Antony is offering. Long may Topanga’s Littlest Theatre survive. Looking forward to our next visit to Topanga from “Over the Pond.”

Jan Bartlett


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