Lucy Yaney Honored

Lucy Yaney (center) may have received the L.A County commendation belatedly but accepted it wholeheartedly from Topanga Chamber of Commerce board members Roger Pugliese (left), Joseph Rosendo (right), and the Trash Warriors crew at the post-cleanup breakfast at Inn of the Seventh Ray. Photo by Brad Goode

Lucy Yaney, owner of Topanga’s Inn of the Seventh Ray, received her own Los Angeles County commendation, an honor that was formally presented to the Topanga Canyon Boulevard Trash Warriors by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl last September.

Yaney was unable to attend the ceremony at the Board of Supervisors where she was commended for providing a post-cleanup Sunday breakfast to the group. On Sunday, January 13, Topanga Chamber of Commerce board members Joseph Rosendo, Roger Pugliese, and the Trash Warriors crew remedied that and presented the certificate to Yaney at the post-cleanup “Trash Talk.” breakfast.

With ongoing support from the Topanga Chamber of Commerce, the Trash Warriors, begun in 2016 by Pugliese and Rosendo, have collected more than three tons of trash from Topanga’s Main Street, as Rosendo has dubbed the Boulevard. Were it not for these generous men and women, much of the trash and debris would have made its way into Topanga Creek and ultimately onto Topanga beach and into the Pacific Ocean.

The TCB Trash Warriors meet every Sunday at 7 a.m. at the Topanga Post Office parking lot. All Topangans are invited to join the party.  


For more information contact the Chamber’s Community Liaison chair Joseph Rosendo at


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