Billy Joseph and The Army of Love

Billy Joseph

Musician Billy Joseph, who went solo for many years, has a new album out, You Know Which Way to Go, with his new band, The Army of Love.

Joseph plays a lot of local gigs and often perform at Rosenthal Winery, on Pacific Coast Highway, where their next performance is March 17, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

The album is “available everywhere,” says Joseph’s website states. It’s an amusing read:

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Billy Joseph has been making music for forty plus years—since he was tied, at the age of eight to his parents’ stereo where he consumed a steady diet of mainly three albums—The Beatles’ Abbey Road, and Let It Be, and Simon and Garfunkel’s album Bookends—but also the occasional Steve Miller and Chuck Berry that blended into Billy’s DNA, and continue to drive his musical quests to this day.

“On an autumn night in 1984, Billy sat in a stunned state of admiration and awe, as Bruce Springsteen took the L.A. Sports arena crowd to the church of rock and roll. The DNA morphed again. Add to this, another 30 years of love, pain, joy, and just plain old life experiences, and you get the current double-helix.”

“Music is a way to dance with our souls,” he says. “I play to connect with others, to share my spirit, and to celebrate our commonalities and differences….  If you dig what you hear, seek out the whole deal: Billy’s live performances, his new album, his LP, Ride on the Mystery, and his 2014 debut EP…. Get a hold of the recordings, and come to the gigs. We’re looking to make a connection, right?”


Rosenthal Winery is located at 18741 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, CA 90265. For a calendar of other local appearances in the area, and to listen to his music visit

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