Multi-Artist Exhibit, “From the Earth”

Topanga Canyon Gallery’s current exhibit and sale is focused on connections to the earth we share. Many of the participating artists created new work for this show with the theme in mind.  Rebecca Catterall’s ceramic work is featured as the foundation of the concept, as it is, literally, “From the Earth.”

Catterall revisits her passion for brush painting on clay in this exhibit. “When I first worked with clay in the 1970’s I also studied brush painting. To me, the spontaneity of both were a natural fit. Throwing clay is quick and unforgiving and brush painting is done with one stroke. For this show I wanted to focus on what is beautiful. Times today are challenging. Sometimes I need to take a rest and feel the beauty of the world we live in. My hope is that others will also appreciate this beauty with everyday objects; a daily reminder through the vessels we use.”

Ceramic bowls by Rebecca Catterall
Ceramic bowls by Rebecca Catterall

Catterall’s overall body of work includes traditional thrown pottery to ceramic pop art. Over the years she has won several awards, including Best in Show. A frequent presenter at the national ceramic conference, NCECA, she also gives workshops at her home studio. Working as an education researcher in arts and creativity also informs her studio work. This show will feature brush-painted stoneware vases, plates, platters, bowls and Saki sets.

All of the other Gallery artists will exhibit hanging work. This gives us an opportunity to see some different concepts from artists who create three-dimensional work for the gallery.

The theme of this show has been attractive to each of the artists, for a variety of reasons. Kit Plumridge describes his work as “From the Earth, or maybe outer space.”  His colorful, whimsical beach scenes will leave you wanting to spend a day at the beach.

Carole Carpenter, using silk as the substrate for her work, says she is intimately involved with nature. “Silk is the key component of my work, it’s a natural organic fabric made from the silkworm cocoons. The cocoon is a single thread that is unfurled and then made into fabric yardage which is stretched as the paintings canvas. Like the silkworm transforms into the silk moth and the cocoon into silk fabric, the art transforms the artist and viewer.

Patrick Ramsey shares photographs of workers sowing and working the fields of the earth. “We are all connected to and dependent on what comes from the Earth,” he states, “but I don’t know that we translate that into a connection with those who bring it forth. I think that’s an essential part of our relationship with our planet.”

For several artists, the beauty of what the earth creates has been their focus and motivation throughout their careers. Russel Hunziger’s plein air work, Don Holtz’s photography of our lovely canyon, express the visual appreciation for the earth. Rea Nagel’s interpretations of the colors of nature are all examples of how this theme connects for Gallery artists. Rea explains, “I love the flow and action of nature. I see the action in the vibrant colors that I choose to use.

The artists hope your visits to the gallery this month will reinvigorate your connection to the earth and all it means to us.

“From the Earth” exhibits through August 5, with the artists’ reception on July 14, 4-7 p.m.

Gallery Hours are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, Noon -8 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sunday 11 a.m.– 5 p.m.  Topanga Canyon Gallery is located at 120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd., Ste. 120, in Pine Tree Circle.


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