Private Property or Public Land?

Pablo Capra, a former resident of Lower Topanga, took this photos of the gated compound where the State Parks ranger lives in the back of the Topanga Ranch Motel. He writes:

Parks evicted Lower Topanga’s beach cabins to make the land public. Now the rangers are security guards living in their own fun beach cabins that look like the old ones. I tried to take pictures a few days ago but a ranger saw me and said, “Get out, you’re on private property!”

Behind the gate, you can see surfboards, a wetsuit drying, a bicycle, a hammock, potted plants, a barbecue, a string of paper lanterns, an astronaut sculpture that used to be on the hill, a hand-painted TOPANGA sign, a painted cow skull, empty Jack Daniel’s crates, and a chalkboard with a cute Instagram hashtag (#deerandbatt… which leads to the private accounts @beatrizebatt, @deerjames, #joshytopangs).


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